Suzanne van Dongen is a Dutch visual artist and vj. She graduated in 2011 BA Digital Video Design and MA Design for Digital Cultures at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht with her own exposition called MindF*ck, in which she researched human ways of constructing their own reality through interpretation of visual input. Fascinated by the medium ‘video’ and her interests in multiple ways of combining imagery with music and sound, she went on to study at the vjacademy @ Amsterdam. She graduated  in 2013 with Flutter 2.0, a smoke projection project shown @ AIR Amsterdam. Next to making her own art she’s also currently part of vj collective and working as an art director at VeeMee Visuals.  

In her art she likes to work with elusive materials; light, reflections, atmosphere. With a deep interest for how the universe works, she tries to disconnect the ideas, emotions and history we attach to a subject. By striping the subject of it’s ‘normal’ surrouding we can look at it in a different light and question ourselves wath the definition of ‘normal’ even really is. 

Her work has been seen at various venues and art festivals like the Van Gogh Museum, The Heineken experience, Eindhoven Glow with the Foederertalentfund and the Live cinema festival in Rome, Italy.