My name is Olga, I'm an animator based in Amsterdam who focuses on directing and screenwriting. I graduated Cum Laude from AKV|StJoost in 2015, and I've been working in the animation business ever since. 

I make both independent and commissioned films. Clients often come to me with just the beginning of an idea. I will work together with my client, take these ideas and transform them into movies ready for the big screen. 

Depending on the project, I might work alone or in a team. I get a lot of inspiration out of collaborations. Everybody has their own passion, and I love to click the strength of individuals together to get the work to a higher level.

My goal is to make movies that matter, to tell layered, well researched stories that can have a positive impact on the world.  This does not mean I only make films about serious global issues. A positive impact can be anything, even just to inspire another, in the short time they might be watching my movie.

I'd love to stay connected to others in my industry, so never hesitate to send me a message. And of course, if you'd like to have a film made yourself, or if you're just curious about my work, I'd be happy to answer any questions.

"Pas wanneer een film buiten de industrie mensen kan aanspreken, kan laten lachen, emotioneren, of zelfs in beweging kan krijgen, dan heb je als filmmaker je werk goed gedaan."

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