BLINDFOLD VISION - Action / Psychological Thriller

Logline: A self-help addict claims he was held hostage by his own double in a standoff with a crooked cop. Who can find themselves first and find the missing diamonds?

Blindfold Vision (Action, Psychological Thriller): Since last year, we've further packaged the project:

- brought on a producing partner, Monne Tuinhout, Branded Cinema (Home, Interlude)
- brought on writer Phil O'Sullivan and revised the script to below $1 million.
- brought on an equity investor for $250k ($150k cash, $100 in-kind post production services)
- rounded out the financing plan with a combination of soft money, tax incentives and sales agent minimum guarantee

We are beginning the soft money application processes and are looking for a Dutch distributor to partner with us at an early stage to help us optimize the chances for the film's commercial success and provide evidence to the funds that the film will appeal to the BeNeLux marketplace.

Our target shooting date for Blindfold Vision is June 2020.

Budget: < $1 million
Producers: David Grover & Monne Tuinhout
Language: English
Running time: 90 minutes
Financing sources (proposed): private equity, Brabant culture funds, municipality subsidy, sales agent minimum guarantee, crowdfunding
Target Audience: Fans of cult status thrillers with a unique hook such as Usual Suspects, Memento, In Bruges
Seeking: Dutch Distribution partner