Conceptual & Multidisciplinary Artist

Samantha Williams is a multi-disciplinary & conceptual artist from London, who is currently based in the Netherlands.
(And really not as serious as she looks in her photo).

Samantha is an all-round creative but she's best known for her quirky & sometimes dark, black & white Illustrations & amusing yet sometimes meaningful animations.

With a passion for the Bigger Picture she embraces stories & collaborations that matter; Be it animation, teaching or drawing Samantha loves to breathe emotion, contemplation & humour into her creative projects.

Working in a contrasting palette of black & white & vibrant colours, her figurative subjects are expressive, thought-provoking, detailed & intertwined.

Her personal work is often inspired by perception & dualities, the beauty of nature & the absurd pendulum of the mind. With the intent to create ambience & tell stories she aims to give quiet subjects or unseen detail a voice & a podium.


Samantha works in an array of disciplines such as: Illustration | Hand Lettering | Animation | Concept & Story Development | Directing | Muraling | Surface Design & pretty much anything else which serves the subject at hand & collaborating when needed.

What else?

Samantha is a trained creative educator offering coaching & workshops in the arts. She is also a trained Yoga, EFT & meditation instructor; which suggests that she's a pretty zen & an all-round Arty Farty type!

Previous Collaborations

Pedri Animation | Pathé | DutchView | Sesame street NL | NPO | NPO 3Lab | Submarine channel | Cygnific | Wienerberger | We are Playgrounds | Yam Bread | MyCademy | Smulweb | Knorr | Professor Loep | Noordhoff Publishing | Your Stories Matter Publishing | Malmberg Publishing | Integrated Systems Europe | World Harp Festival | NCA | JeeLo Publishing | Matador | Blink Publishing | Peter Apple | Team onder 21 | Spring Design | The Red Dot Agency | Stichting Unite | Children's Book Festival | Oranja Boven BV | Teleblik.

Professional Maker Of Stuff Independent, Conceptual & Multidisciplinary Artist & Educator.