Artist Statement

Using visuals has always come natural to me. As a child I’ve painted every wall and surface my little hands had access to. It gave me a way to express myself, as having a stammer made it hard to put it into words. Though I’ve always been a quiet introverted person, as an artist I want to use my ability to visualize a message that needs to be told by way of animations and illustrations.
My specific interest is the LGBTQ+ community. Especially the mis-understandings exciting around them. A leading motivation for my art is to help erase those misunderstandings and enhance acceptance of people who belong to this community. With my knowledge of representation and diversity I can make sure that the animation is well executed.  I do this with my skills of frame by frame animation which I combine with a variety of animation methods. That way anything is possible and I can quickly and sufficiently translate your and my idea’s to a screen.

Dansen met Gender

Master in Animation afstudeer project – cum laude
Genomineerd voor de 'Wacom Talent Development Award'

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