Eva Wijers (1984) is a Dutch visual artist that creates drawings and animations. Her work has a philosophical focus in which form and content are inseperable. She analyzes human behaviour in clear imagery that is both profound and absurd. 

Eva Wijers completed her master in Animation cum laude at AKV St.Joost in 2018 with the 2D animated film Humanoid. In 2008 she graduated from the bachelor of Fine Art at the same academy with the 'As If' film installation, which was awarded with the Media Art Young Talent Award. The last years she worked in video, illustration and installation art and had several group and solo exhibitions. She co-founded artists' collective Nox Ludi and is artistic leader and founder of ZienInNoord; a children's cinema and workshopplace in Rotterdam. Eva Wijers also teaches film- and animation at several organizations and since recently she co-tutors the research part of the Master of Animation of AKV St.Joost. Next to that she coaches other filmmakers and animators in writing and clarifying the concepts of their projects. 

"Voor mijzelf is tekenen een manier om de wereld te begrijpen."

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