The White Hide [III]
3-channel HD1080 video installation, 3x HD1080 (5760 x 1080 px, 1:5,3)
color/sound, 5'20"

©Alexandra Crouwers, 2013
*This is a compression, the actual video is over 22 GB as a Prores file, or three x HD1080 Prores files of about 6,6 GB.

The White Hide [III] is a variation upon The White Hide, which is an installation with three slide-projectors and a videoprojectionloop. The White Hide [II] is the first single-channel version. The film is build upon a combination of 3D-animation, still-photography, found footage and video-compositing.

A slow travel movement through a post-apocalyptic landscape, from dusk till dawn. Hologram-like elements pop up and disappear again, together with gas-outbursts and volcano eruptions. The subtile soundtrack, compiled of wind, bells and the sound of thunder or explosions, add to the otherworldly atmosphere. The frame, in The White Hide [II] more prominent than in [III], suggests a painting-like image but also gives the impression to be the outline of a hole in the projectionwall, through which the viewer is watching the scene.