Mystery sci-fi thriller(feature film)

Al Millennium Experiment is a thriller that opens with a Hook, flows into a mystery, raises a lot of questions early on. Then like Oscar winner Parasite thrills the audience with a mindbending midpoint reversal that twist and turns and evolves the movie to a sci-fi journey to create an unforgettable breathtaking experience.



Axel, a self taught programmer and hacker is recruited to join team Erwin on a special mission to retrieve the Al Millennium. When the mission goes horribly wrong, Axel is blamed for the death of two team members. As a result, he now believes he is seen as a burden by all those around him.

When team Erwin rendezvous at a mysterious school building, Axel gets a Déjà vu and vision. While trying to escape authority by laying low, odd events arise, making them suspect that the greater threat might be from within.

After witnessing the death of another team member, Axel is determined to find the traitor to prove his worth to Lara and the team, however the search leads him to a bitter truth he is unable to accept.


"Power and freedom create illusions and lack of it reveals the truth" Jamy(character)