‘And then I vanish’ is een surrealistische motion poem gemaakt door Cornel Swoboda.

Cornel Swoboda: "And Then I Vanish' is a surreal motion poem, which has started as a simple spare time project months ago. Since then it grew, it changed quite a lot - and now it's finally done. I tried to restrict myself by some rules, e.G. only going for portraits & close-ups and maintaining the same light direction. Made with Cinema4D & Octane Render."

Producer: Cornel Swoboda
Sound design: Oliver Salkic
Voice/vocals: Victoria Ward
Poem: Cornel Swoboda & Ron Weaver

Meer info: www.behance.net/gallery/26278191/And-Then-I-Vanish

Marcel Groenewegen

Marcel Groenewegen

in Tilburg