EFF is an international film festival for unconventional independent film, organised at several vibrant locations in Eindhoven (NL). Eindhoven is an innovative city with a worldwide top position in technology, design and knowledge.

In a world that is rapidly changing, we feel it’s important to move along. As a festival we put focus on the experience and like to challenge the audience as well as the makers to question the medium film, in order to stimulate innovative productions that really wow. We love to show the diversity of the medium. Therefore we’re always searching for films and moving images that question the boundaries of traditional filmmaking.

During these days we show you unconventional independent films varying from experimental shorts to breathtaking documentaries. We are very proud to present work of talented film makers from all over the world. Besides an extensive film programme you can enjoy a broad variety of film related extras like live film scores, workshops, talks and exhibitions. Activate your senses during EFF 2019!


Likes to be a catalyser for innovations in film, i.a. by mixing various disciplines and encouraging filmmakers to experiment regardless of traditions and clichés. We use the festival as a playground/laboratory where filmmakers as well as the audience are encouraged to make the imaginable possible.
Likes to redesign the way we experience film in collaboration with the filmmakers as well as the audience.
Aims to broaden peoples perspective on society by showing unconventional (fictive/(hyper)real) stories straight from the heart of the filmmakers.
Strives for inclusiveness. Eindhoven counts about 150 nationalities. We feel it’s important that different cultural backgrounds and gender identities feel at home and represented at the festival.

This year the 9th edition of EFF is being held from the 28th of November till the 1st of December.

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