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Milo Paulus, born in 1999 in the Netherlands, started playing the accordion at the age of eight, then experimented with drum and percussion before finding the instrument of his hearts desire: the (digital) piano. Adventurously browsing through large libraries of high quality sounds, he does collect anything he can get his hands on to produce the worlds of harmony he lives in, and into which he invites his listeners.
After becoming a Bachelor of Science at the age of just 20 — specialising in visual creativity — he decided to fully dedicate his energy to music, promoting himself to create scores for any means or media on commission.

Some people not only have an ear for melody, sound and composition, but also the talent for creating music that has personality, that is substantially adding something to reality. Milo Paulus is able to make breathtaking soundscapes, intimate piano arrangements and epic orchestral pieces for any feeling or occasion. Choosing from a wild variety of colours, every time an atmosphere will be shaped to match the particulars of the chosen situation. Be it a commercial, a tune or the suspenseful support of genuine drama, the limit is still not in sight.

-Bio by Rene van Delft, Dutch writer and philospher


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"My instructor was very impressed. You've done such a fantastic job and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's gonna sound wicked on proper cinema speakers." James Dufield, writer/director of Escape from Fremantle
"Wow - this is extraordinary! Could have been lifted right out of a major film." Luke Faulkner, pianist and composer
"This is really great! The short film is amazing, and I even enjoyed the music without the motion picture, and that's what I like about great film scores; that you can hear the music independently and it still sounds great!" Asem Yousef, films/tv composer

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