Eye Want Candy AKA : Samantha Williams (UK) is a Freelance Director, animator and Illustrator based in Den Bosch.

Creating 2D animations and illustrations for Print, Broadcast and web, be it for entertainment or education, advertising or just a bit of fun. I can translate information and ideas to colourful and entertaining animations and/or illustrations. 

As a freelancer I am flexible in working alone, in a team, or as director guiding a team.

Skills: Concepts, Scripts, storyboards, character design, props, digital or physical, Adobe After effects, premier, photoshop, illustrator, TVPaint,

Offers: 2D Animation for tv, advertising, education, explanation animations, Broadcast & Web, whiteboard animations, flat animation, stop-motion animation, frame by frame animation, mixed media animation and film, music video.

Language: English & Dutch