Research Vincent van Gogh & NFTs in the blockchain

The manner in which Vincent van Gogh painted, particularly of the period when he became acquainted with Paul Gauguin at the Yellow House in Arles, is revealing. Symbolism makes its appearance. Both artists paint and draw on it. Between quarrels, separate creations emerge as communication between them. These are still unexplored facets that must come to the surface. With studies, sketches, photography and graphic design, details from original works are highlighted to show that another language was spoken from and through the paintings. These creations by Gratias, the artist name of Claudia Koole, are captured as NFTs in the blockchain with the intention that storytelling can sprout in multiple places, in digital dimensions and as new separate exhibitions. This way of audiovisual translation in multiple areas, in the Metaverse, is in collaboration with The NFTs is on and more information can be found at