The Adobe CS6 launch spot presents a glimps of, among others, Adobe: Eternal Return by Autofuss. Check the commercial from Adobe, and the full video from Autofuss on the next page. 

Credits Eternal Return by Autofuss:
Creative Directors: Randall Stowell, Jeff Linnell
Executive Producer: Julia Gottlieb
Producers: Emily Nelson, Matthew Fassberg, Libby Luna 
Designers: Lisa Mishima, Ryan Chen, Jade Jariya, Cale Ajioka
Cinematography: Joe Picard, Robert Couto
Production: Brian Holliday, Casey O'Reilly, Aron Pruiett, Samantha Bennett, Ian Colon
Make-Up: Amy Lee
Talent: Tyler Abbott, Tegan Schwab
Post: Pedro Figueira, Chris McCard, Dennis Wilkins, Jason Kerr, Colin Trenter, Hung-Ning Liao, Jon Corriveau, Collin Miller
Editorial: Ashley Rodholm, Samantha Bennett
Color/Finishing: Pedro Figueria, Colin Trenter
Original Score : Harald Boyeson