Mark your calendars! Brush up your social skills & get ready for the creative meetup of the year. Join us for Playgrounds Blend 2021 on 7 + 8 October in skate park Pier15 in Breda (NL)!

In Blend we expand the perspective on post-digital visual culture by picking the brains of leading, inspiring artists from all over the world. We show you a catwalk of inspiring, progressive and innovative work from artists who stretch outside traditional disciplines and love to mash things up. 
We are happy to announce our first physical Blend festival in 2 years, however keep in mind that we want to keep you, our artists and crew save. Regulations due to Covid-19 might change rapidly and might force us to change the event into an hybrid online, yet just as festive, program.  
For our online-only fans: you don’t have to miss out. We will provide a streaming service during Blend 2021 so you can  be part Blend wherever you are. We will inform you about the online viewing options on our website and through our newsletters. 

First tickets will be on sale mid August.