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  • "Their most recent project is a music video for Stein's band The Luyas. It is made entirely of hand-made paper animation machines, crystals and analog light and shadow. Most every object in the video is spinning on a record player. The song, "Moodslayer" was written by compiling the anxieties and venerations of a close friend as they dealt with their first schizophrenic hallucinations.

    Shot on a modified digital camcorder, the visuals were created by fashioning unique apertures from cardboard and other coarse papers, modifying a variety of light sources with an assortment of glass geometry and directing the changes through a live video monitor."

    directed/shot/edited by: Derrick Belcham
    props/animation/shadow cuts by: Ruby Kato Attwood and Jessie Stein
    produced by: Schtuff
    funded in part by generous funding from: FACTOR


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