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  • Op KONKAV zijn ruim 500 KONKAV’ers te vinden, die zich professioneel met film en av bezig houden. In deze rubriek stellen we de nieuwste loot aan de telg aan je voor! Vandaag is het podium voor Samantha Williams.

    • Naam: Samantha Williams
    • Leeftijd: 35
    • Opleiding: Bachelor of Illustrastative design & Masters of Animation

    Als je jezelf op een feestje voorstelt, wat zeg je dan wat je voor beroep doet?
    I'd explain that I was a character illustrator and animator creating work for broadcast and web. Which usually has to be further explained with "I make animations for entertainment which would be used on television or cinema and explanation animations which help explain or sell a service, product, institution etc, In a fun and entertaining way".

    En wat doe je echt?
    I do lots! That's the nice thing about my job, in that it has many sides. I have to use my imagination and write stories or break down information into interesting and entertaining stories. I create characters, and write storyboards and I animate and illustrate, bringing the words to life. I also direct when working with others.

    Omschrijf je werk in drie woorden.
    Magic, entertaining, characters

    Maak je voornamelijk werk in opdracht of vrij werk?
    Both. The work I get finances my free work.

    Waar kunnen we je van kennen?
    For the past 2 years I’ve had the pleasure to work in collaboration with, with whom I’ve made a series of animations called 'Puber dagboek' for npo 3lab, which you may have seen in August on npo 3, in animation festivals across the globe or seen come by on line. I've also worked with Dutchview for whom I’ve made animations of naked apples and slugs for Sesamstraat .

    Wat heb je gemaakt waar je het meest trots op bent?
    I think that would be 'Puber dagboek'. I was asked by Submarine to direct design and animate this series where I was also lead animator while working in a team. It was very humbling to be acknowledged for my skills and asked to lead such a project. It was also a project which came very close to my own personal style and sense of humour.

    Wat is het meest lelijke wat je ooit hebt gemaakt?
    Haha! Well, it wouldn't be online for anyone to see. I guess it's when I'm experimenting. But when I was first starting out I would over work my illustrations. I forgot that less is sometimes more and destroyed something that in its essence was already finished.

    Wat wil je echt nog een keer maken?
    I would like to make something that effects the audience emotionally. Make them ponder and make an impact. I love to entertain with humour but I would also like to use my skills to create awareness.

    Wie of wat is je grootste inspiratiebron?
    Jim Henson, the creator of the muppets and founder of the creature workshop. It was my childhood dream to be an animatronics special effects artist and he was my hero.

    Waar sta je nu en waar liggen nog ambities?
    At the moment i’m reflecting on the past year, thinking and writing a lot and wondering where my career will take me (corporate or entertainment). I am also bringing my ideas together and writing my own scripts and storyboards, for which I hope to get funding next year. And that’s really where my ambitions lay. I would love to lead a team or work in another collaboration to make a film I created from scratch.

    Waarom heb je een profiel aangemaakt op KONKAV?
    I have been to a couple to the network events and realised that this was a great way to stay in touch with my colleges with in the industry. I can't always work on my own so this a great place to find a team and also hope that if anyone is looking for someone with my skills that they can find me.

    Jouw motto?
    Play! Life is too short to spend time working in a job you don't like.

    Nieuwe KONKAV'er: Samantha Williams


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