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  • The Renter is an independent, animated short film written, directed, and created by Jason Carpenter. Based on a true story, it follows a young boy, who discovers that daycare can be a harsh and confusing world, where caring is shown in unexpected ways. ​

    More about The Renter at the official website

    Despite the film’s painterly look and bounty of textures, the process behind it was nearly all digital:

    "Except for some early drawings and thumbnails, I didn’t use any paper. I really tried to approach the digital production the same way I would if I were using traditional mediums. Before I started the animation, I blocked out rough layouts and animatics in Flash. With some basic brushes and a couple of paper textures I got from a friend, I started working on the backgrounds in Photoshop. The “texture” of the film results more from how I worked with the tools I had and not so much what tools they were."

    Jason Carpenter is an American born filmmaker living in Los Angeles. Known for his expressive, emotionally captivating style, his first film, The Renter, has received numerous awards and accolades from festivals around the world. While he continues to develop his own independent and commercial projects, Jason often collaborates with his brother Michael as the second half of Carpenter Bros. Animation. Jason received his MFA from CalArts in Experimental Animation.


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